Pasture based dairy

We offer an individual consulting package that is tailored to your farm’s unique needs. Services may include consultation on: 

Land management  
For grazing to be profitable in the long term, it needs to be sustainable from the start. We’ll work with you to identify goals for your operation, and we’ll help you set targets to achieve them. 

Seed planting 
Pasture quality has a major impact on milk product. Using our years of expertise and supply connections in the market, we’ll help you put together the right plan for seeding your pasture now and in the future. 

Seasonal management 
From dry, hot summers to long, cold winters, our experts work from grazing operations around the country to manage the seasonal variants that impact their pastures and their herds. 

Maximizing assets 
Whether you’re grazing your entire herd or just your heifers, we know every operation and pasture is different. Which is why we work directly with you to maximize the assets on your land — helping you improve your profitability by reaching peak pasture and animal performance. 

Typical consulting plan includes: 

  • On-farm assessment  
  • Monthly conference calls 
  • Best practices training 
  • Goal-setting and success metrics 
  • Access to pilot programs and other industry resources