University of Missouri Extension Office

  • Grazing Wedge — The grazing wedge is a tool for managing forage in grazing systems. It visually represents the quantity of forage dry matter available per acre or hectare at a single point in time. When used over time, it calculates pasture growth rates and cumulative forage production in the grazing system. The grazing wedge enables beef and dairy producers to make forage management decisions that align to their production goals.

Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) 

Miscellaneous Resources

  • Management of Fall Armyworm in Pastures and Hayfields — This article, published by Alabama A&M and Auburn Universities Extension Service, is a great resource into management Fall Armyworm in your pastures and hayfields. Warm, moist and humid conditions in late summer/fall create ideal conditions for the onset of fall army worms. This article outlines identification, control measures and grazing/harvesting restrictions