Soil Health Pilot Project

In partnership with Team Ag, Inc., DFA is offering members in select areas of Pennsylvania free consultations with trained agronomists to develop a customized soil health plan for the farm. The goal of developing a customized soil.

Health plan is for each farm to tailor the principles of regenerative agriculture to their unique operation. Targeted practices include increasing soil cover, maximizing biodiversity, enabling living root systems, minimizing soil disturbance, and optimizing manure applications.  

These free consultations are made possible with the generous support of DFA customers Nestle and Barry Callebaut, who have a shared interest in advancing regenerative agriculture practices in the dairy sector. DFA will support farms enrolled in the pilot program with ongoing educational opportunities and resources for program expansion (e.g. loans, grants, in-kind support). 

Program overview: 
  • Team Ag, Inc.* will consult with members interested in implementing regenerative agriculture principles at their operation.  
  • The cost of this consultation will be covered 
  • Cost-share funds are available for cover crop seed and potential equipment rentals depending on the needs of the farm and available funds